The Verbose Podcast is a monthly Apple tech podcast presented by Oisin Hurley, Karl Monaghan & Liam Dunne.

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    Episode 14 - So Emotional

    In which we allow ourselves to be emotionally manipulated by Facebook, if apathy can be considered an emotion.


    Episode 13 - I Left My Heart

    In which we swiftly discuss the events of the previous week at great length, and with many diverse tangents along the way.


    • The WWDC Keynote
    • Adam McCarthy skips a queue
    • Karl wants a monocle
    • Swiftly moving on...
    • iOS Developers Need to Know Objective-C
    • Dave Addey writes a book
    • The Videos
    • The Frameworks
    • Everything is broken
    • The Playground
    • The risk of putting iOS8 on your primary device
    • Scrollview Magic
    • Parties! Parties! Parties!
    • Castro eats your data (if you let it)
    • Karl's massive roll, and the associated livetweets
    • The Bacon
    • The Yosemite
    • Coast to Coast Toast to Toast Kickstarter nonstarter
    • CommandLine Corner:
    • Bizarro Spanish localisation + AutoLayout quirks

    Episode 12: Drunken Bums

    In which we start off by drinking too much assorted beers, and it all goes rapidly downhill from there.


    Episode 11: Bleeding Hearts

    In which we talk of bleeding hearts and retaining data, freedom of information and what Kickstarter really owes to their contributors.


    • The WWDC Ticket Lottery! One of us is ecstatically happy about being given the opportunity to pay Apple a lot of money for a week in San Francisco, the other two less so.
    • Heartbleed is discussed, including revoking our servers cigarettes.
    • Data retention law in the EU kicked into touch.
    • A brief mention of GCHQ means that porn becomes a topic of discussion for several minutes again.
    • The Freedom Of Information act in Ireland, and how it’s being amended for the worse
    • Monument Valley for iOS
    • Minecraft…
    • Oculus Rift’s purchase by Facebook, and how all the Kickstarter contributors get to feel about that.
    • Karl’s Laugh attempts to launch his own space rocket, powered by solely by inhumanly loud laughter.
    • New Starters Blaming Previous Incumbents (Medium
    • Comic Neue
    • Computer Vision for iOS: Deep Belief SDK
    • Command Line Corner: ** tag: command line tagging ** duti: document types at the command line

    Episode 10, Part 2: Weak Facial Recognition

    In which we still have a guest, and continue to talk for even longer again.


    • Best Programming Practices, as espoused in Writing Solid Code and Code Complete
    • Flappy Birds Revisited
    • Hipster Sink Plungers (I couldn't find the link sadface)
    • We get grumpy about Huvr
    • Command Line Corner: ** Nashville ** Dringend
    • Old Man Coding War Stories (no links, just get off our lawn)
    • The GHCQ Porn Cache
    • Mostly knob jokes from here onwards, apart from:
    • Rubymotion
    • Some Backend As A Service options
    • Apple’s purchase of TestFlight

    Episode 10, Part 1 - It means 'Apple' in Irish

    In which we discuss Úll conference with one of its founders, Dermot Daly of Tapadoo. Also, CarPlay,


    • Úll!.
    • CarPlay, play in cars.
    • goto fail;

    Episode 9: Sporadic, My Ass

    In which we deny rumours of our sporadic output, we get in a flap about app-flipping, we make insulting comments about known homophobes, racists and each other, and we discuss security and encryption in relation to mobile app data. And for the first time on Verbose, there's an after-show section! We basically just forgot to stop the recording and continued to drink beer.


    • Flappy Bird flaps no more.
    • The depressingly profitable practice of flipping apps.
    • Dungeon Keeper's horrible usage of IAPs, and slightly more reasonable approach to dissuading users from leaving negative reviews, and instead leaving useful feedback for the developer. Will Shipley's response on app store ratings requests.
    • Pantigate, its many repercussions, and defamation in Ireland in general.
    • Panti's Noble Call on youtube
    • Casual racism & drunken leprechaun mobile games for the Android platform.
    • The Stackmob shutdown announcement.
    • Five Mistakes Startups Make When Building for Mobile: article
    • Implementing securely encrypted databases & data protocols.
    • Command Line Corner: imsg, and tales from the dark and distant past of adventures from command line.
    • Marvel Comics API, and Karl's very own iOS library for it.


    • Mostly beer drinking.
    • 'Intrusion' by Ken McCleod.
    • Meandering thoughts on security theatre.
    • Teaching C using vi.

    Episode 8: Resolute and Predictable

    In which we square our chins, gird our loins, bare our teeth and turn our gaze to the future. It’s not a good look for any of us. We talk a little about some of our crowd-sourced resolutions and predictions for the new year, some of which may prove to be more elusive than others.


    Episode 7: Somebody's Watching Me

    Between the NSA watching our every move, and us watching our users every move (via analytics), our collective paranoia has never been higher. Also: we discuss how animation principles can be applied to making better user interfaces in our apps. We also briefly mention Anchorman 2, which none of us have actually seen yet.


    Episode 6: Circumlocutory

    This is a big one. Supersized, if you will. We podcasted the hell out of the podcast this week, I can tell you. It's called Verbose for a reason. Plus: more cursing!.


    • New devices: iPhone 5s/5c/iPad Air/Mini Retina
    • Kickstarter: projects we have backed, successfully or otherwise
    • Craft Beer Interlude
    • Newsstand app
    • iOS Tech Talks: London Dec 17th
    • WebSummit (10k attendees)
    • AWS Invent (+ general amazon new stuff)
    • Command line corner! Nomad CLI updates
    • Objective Clean

    Episode 5: Enthusiasm

    In which several forthcoming things are discussed at great length with much enthusiasm, with a rising fervour growing to a feverish pitch, and ending with lots of giddy excitement.


    Episode 4: Dissections

    In which the minutiae of announcements made by Apple at their September 10th event regarding the new iPhone 5S and 5C are dissected and examined at great length, and in which iWork is glanced at rather briefly.


    Episode 3: Ramifications

    In which the ramifications of developer portal downtime has affected all and sundry, the ramifications of AWS's new push notification service being launched, the ramifications of using to fix up misbehaving UIViews, and the ramifications of Apple's upcoming September 10th event.


    Episode 2: Jealousy

    Now with improved audio and a theme tune! Much talk about WWDC 2013 (only one of us went, and the rest of us are bitter), chat about the new flat design and the sheer volume of updates/bug fixes/complete rewrites that will be required, the anger & rage from users leaving appstore reviews based on running unsupported betas, and what we have left now we have no Google Reader.


    Episode 1: Background Noise

    First episode! Recorded around a single mic, so we're accompanied by a backdrop of creaking chairs and floorboards.